Poems About Love

I’m not an expert when it comes to love. I carry too many kinds of emotion and always ended up feeling lost. You would sense my confusion written in every word and paragraph.

Before everything, I want to appreciate everyone who have loved me and have given me a part of them. Most importantly, I want to say sorry to all the souls that I have hurt. Please know that I would never intentionally hurt you. To all of you who have inspired me to write these (probably) cringe-worthy poems, I am forever thankful for your existence.


I’ve never understood the beauty of sunset until you stood there in front of me, with the sun setting in the back.

– RY



Make sure to break everything into dust rather than fragments,

So I won’t waste my time trying to stick all the pieces together,

Hoping that somehow,

I can fix it up.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

For what I have known this whole time,

Your night and morning salutation was not my privilege.

So dear,

I’m not here to tread water if you don’t know whether you want me to float or drown.


That’s the thing,

Every time I want to shed some light,

Hoping that you would see the colour more clearly,

The world just turns into black and white all of a sudden.


It wasn’t your dimples,

Nor your gorgeous face that flaunts me,

It was the way you said hi to me,

How gracious you moved in every step of the way you took,

How you lit up the room with your presence,

How you made me feel like the world doesn’t revolve anymore,

You snatched me out of reality,

And now I’m tangled in my make-believe dreams,

Hoping that somehow,

You’ll admire my broken soul,

Because love,

I have been damned for too long.


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What a joyous feeling,

To love and be loved

Heads on clouds,

Rapid heartbeat,

Warm touch,

You name it.

The hurt is just another part of the story,

What matters now is the one in front of you,

They should be the best kind of people that you know.

Hold him or her,

Not tightly,

But perpetually,

For the longest time,

Until the universe says that it’s enough.


one soul could only bear such agony, and now he asked her to feel some of his own.

– RY


You met me at the worst possible time in my life.

Like a blessing,

And a dream,

I touched you.

To make sure that you’re not just in my head.

They say when things are too good to be true,

They won’t last.

So, I pray.

That I’ll have more than a decade to spend,

Or maybe a lifetime to spend,

And when I know that you’re real,

I’m anxious.

I keep thinking about how to hold on.

How much pressure should I give?

Because I don’t want you to break in my arms,

Nor I want to lose you for not holding you tight enough.

If someday I lose my grip,

Or you decided to free me from your’s,

Know one thing,

That we have held onto each other for quite some times,

That we have given ourselves to each other entirely,

and that my love,

is a blessing.


Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com

“Will you give me the benefit of the doubt?”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means you have to trust me even though you’re not sure I’m right.”

“That’s coercion.”

“Hmm, no, it’s trust.”

“What if you’re wrong?”

“What if I’m not?”

“I don’t have any leverage.”

“Of course you do.”


“My heart.”


It’s okay love,

You didn’t ruin my spring,

I wasn’t expecting it to be sunny and flowery like it supposed to be,

After all,

The meaning of it all is about changing.

And boy, things have changed a lot, aye?

We both found a new beginning.

Yours is in the arms of an angel,

And mine’s is in the ruins of my world.

I know I’m scared of what the future holds.

I hope I can get through it without you.

If the universe screws up at aligning its stars for you,

Know that you can always look back and find a piece of me that was meant to be there for you.

Because I know there will be a part of me before the spring that stays for you until the sun and moon could shine together.


Honestly, love scares me.

It attaches with the idea of being self-explanatory,

Related to all good things.

When the practicality is opposite to what we believe in.

Published by Regina Yohana

A storyteller who loves food, outdoor adventures, travelling, and the hustle of working on a project. I love to do research, create and manage content for videos and social media. I'm a task-oriented person and well-known for my strong adaptability skills. You can always find me eating at a restaurant in downtown Toronto during my free time and swimming at some sea during summer. I might be shy at first, but I won't stop talking once you get to know me. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, though, I'm based in Toronto. Wherever you are, I'm always up for doing a collaboration, message me so we can tell a story together!

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