Poems About Life

I’ve been through so many hardships, just like all of you. Often, I wondered, what’s the meaning of life? I roamed around the many pages of philosophy books, trying to make myself understand all of it. Still, I was left with no answer. These poems won’t give you the answer too, but perhaps, it will provide you with a bit of understanding about how life works.


My soul still solemnly looking for an answer from the universe,

Trying to justify things that my mind can’t grasp,

And through that journey,

I was ripped at the edge,

But oh Lord, was I solidified.


“As cheesy as it sounds to ask this, but what’s your biggest fear?”



“Even though I like to think that everything in the universe is infinite, life proves that there’s always that barrier, the limit.”


I’ve been feeling like I was stuck,

Everything revolves but me,

I’m just here,


Exist and slightly breathing.

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com


Just like what she did all her life,

She ran like hell,

Even though she knew,

She didn’t dodge the bullet,

But instead, ran in the same direction with it,

Forever haunted by the shadow of the bullet in her back.


Tell me, love,

Tell me who said that your dull eyes don’t sparkle during an adventurous time,

Tell me who said that chapped lips don’t taste sweet and feel soft like a feather when you kiss em’,

Cause I’ve seen you under the moonlight,



So beautiful with all your flaws.


Give me your pain,

I will tuck it under my pillow at night,

As my heart couldn’t bear to see you hurting,

It’s alright,

I have been friends with agony,

I have slept on it for quite sometimes,

One more would not make any difference to the thousands of it that have been stayed for too long.


Have you ever just feel mad,

At the world,

For not treating you right.

And at you,

For not treating them right?


I’m floating,

I can’t reach the top,

nor I could stay on the ground,

I’m in the middle,

Begging for gravity to pull me down,

Or my faith to pull me up.

As I’m roaming around the universe,

I can’t help but think,

I asked for this,

I asked for a boost to reach the star,

But I forgot,

I forgot about the space in between the earth and star,

Is emptiness.

So, I’m stranded now,

With my faith and my destructive mind.


Some days are good.

Some days are harder than the other.

Some days you just want everything to stop; the time, the pain, and everything around you.

The thing about hatred,

It leaves you empty,


No matter what you do,

It won’t fill the emptiness in your heart.

So the only thing that you desire is to somewhat forget about it all.

Forget about the pain you endured,

Forget about those sleepless night crying in your sleep thinking whether it was your fault or not,

Forget about those days when you didn’t have the intention to hurt yourself, but you did it anyway because you couldn’t stop

They say it won’t stop until you let it all go

But they don’t understand how it feels,

How you always stay on the safe side because you’re afraid of getting hurt again,

How you don’t trust yourself let alone someone else,

How ashamed you are of your life,

So tell me,

How do I let it go?

Published by Regina Yohana

A storyteller who loves food, outdoor adventures, travelling, and the hustle of working on a project. I love to do research, create and manage content for videos and social media. I'm a task-oriented person and well-known for my strong adaptability skills. You can always find me eating at a restaurant in downtown Toronto during my free time and swimming at some sea during summer. I might be shy at first, but I won't stop talking once you get to know me. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, though, I'm based in Toronto. Wherever you are, I'm always up for doing a collaboration, message me so we can tell a story together!

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