Beyond the Trend

Thesis project for Bachelor of Journalism degree at Humber College Canada.

When you see a trending hashtag on Twitter, have you ever just instantly said, “huh?”

We live in a fast-paced technological era where every day is another day full of new hashtags and trending topics. As a result, we often see these trends as something that is just plain ridiculous and unimportant.

As someone who pays a lot of attention to pop culture trends, I have seen how some of these trends affect our society. It’s pretty surprising how most of them entail many complex issues.

In this podcast, I will talk about the effect of the fake freckles trend in society. I spoke with many talented writers and beauty guru who helped me uncover many interesting facts about this phenomenon.

Pop Culture Trends

In this introduction episode, I will help you understand how pop culture trends alter our society. 

EPISODE 1: Fake Freckles Trend

In recent years, some people started to draw fake freckles on their faces. TikTok and Instagram are filled with videos of fake freckles tutorial. What could possibly be controversial about this trend? I talked to a beauty influencer, Sharon Farrell, about her opinion on this trend. In 2017, Farrell did a treatment called Fraxel to remove her freckles. I have also invited Karoline Kan, the author of Under Red Skies, to talk about the backlash against the Zara ad campaign in China. Listen to this episode to see what I have found about the fake freckles trend!

EPISODE 2: Beauty Standards

Have you ever thought about how our idea of beauty was formed? In this episode, I talked to beauty influencer Sharon Farrell and beauty writer Jeena Sharma about beauty standards.

EPISODE 3: Biracial People

A biracial or multiracial person is someone whose parents are from different cultural backgrounds. Biracial people used to be underrepresented in pop culture because of the segregation between white people and people of colour. However, it has changed now as we have seen many biracial public figures came to prominence. In this episode, I invited Gina Marie, the founder of Mixed in the Six, and Pia Schiavo-Campo, a writer and activist, to talk about the representation of biracial people in pop culture.

Guest Speakers

Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell is a beauty influencer from Ireland who now lives in Sydney. She’s an experienced makeup artist who founded The Online Makeup School. Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Gina Marie

Gina Marie is the founder of Mixed in the Six, a community for multiracial people in Toronto. She’s also the creator and host of Mixed in the Six podcast. Listen to the MIT6 podcast and check out her Instagram

Pia Schiavo-Campo

Pia is a writer, speaker and activist. She has been featured in Good Morning America, People Magazine, and Yoga International Magazine. Check out her Website and Instagram

Jeena Sharma

Jeena Sharma is a fashion writer whose works have been featured in many publications such as Vogue, NYLON and Harper’s Bazaar. Check out her articles and Twitter

Karoline Kan

Karoline Kan is a writer based in Beijing, China. She is the author of Under Red Skies. She is currently writing for Bloomberg and Climate. Check out her articles and Twitter

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